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October 18, 2021
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Recyclable Packaging

Recyclable Packaging

We are all trying to do our bit for the environment, and at Safechoice Packaging we are too.

All our polythene bags, lay flat tubing (LFT), Single Wound Sheeting (SWS) and mailing bags are used using recyclable packaging.

If we have to use any virgin polymer in the manufacturing process, which is mainly for food and pharmaceutical sectors, then that is 100% recyclable, and once it’s been through the recycling process will come back as polythene ready to sue again.

Recycling Process

According to,conventional%20plastics%20when%20collected%20together.

“Waste management of biodegradable and compostable plastics

A circular economy retains the value of products and materials in the economy as much as possible. Although biodegradable and compostable plastics are technically recyclable, they are currently not recycled back into plastic material. Rather, they are treated as an impurity in the recycling of conventional plastics when collected together.”

Taking from Packaging Europe, an article on Tesco.

“Big questions remain about the use of biodegradable plastics and whether they will be handled correctly by consumers. Biodegradable plastics need certain conditions to biodegrade and it’s not always clear how customers should dispose of them. Like compostables, only a small percentage of people will know to send them to industrial composting facilities and are ready to ensure this happens. If they end up in the natural environment or in landfill, they are unlikely to break down so they do not effectively tackle the problem of plastic waste. They are likely to be sent to landfill where they will not break down effectively.”

Some Interesting ready from a study done at Heriot Watt University

“we must recognise that single use plastics have transformed healthcare in this country and have become essential for delivering a safe and responsible health service.”

“Ban on plastic could increase damage to planet”

“because plastics are lightweight, transportation of consumer goods in plastic packaging means fewer vehicles are required for transportation of those goods, therefore burning less fuel and greatly reducing greenhouse gas emissions.”

So I think the main point is to think about the bigger picture, if your using bio degradble dont put in the reclying bin and it contaminate the full bin.   Banning plastic may not be the solution, education in to reclcying and then creating a process to recycle ll plastic produucts.

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