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Polythene Bags


Polythene Bags.

We can supply you with a wide range of standard off the shelf bags to bespoke polythene bags, these bags can be either plain clear, coloured or printed, or if you are looking for mailing bags these come with a self adhesive strip.  We can supply your with bags for many different industries using different films and many different uses,

Low Melt EVA bags – These are most commonly used in Rubber, Chemical and food industries, the bags can be frozen and do no become brittle or weak

Anti Static Bags – Our anti Static bags again come in a range of sizes, these are ideal for packaging electric items, they prevent static charge build up on the packaging and device, because the are anti static they will not charge up when rubbed against different materials.

Coloured Bags, and polythene films – Available in different sizes and spec.

Printed Bags, high slip bags, low slip bags, postal and mailing bags, grip seal bags, carrier bags, refuse sacks.

Bio Degradable bags,

LDPE – Low-density Polythene bags, LDPE Properties: Semi-rigid, translucent, very tough, weatherproof, good chemical resistance, low water absorption, easily processed by most methods

Carrier bags, plain or printed, we can design and print with you company logo, this is a great product if you are going to exhibitions and want to advertise your product and brand, these bags can be supplied in quantities as low as 1000 units.

For more information of to discuss your requirements send your email to we would be more than happy to come to site and come up with a solution and you never know maybe even save your money!!

We supply specialist bags for the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries and are all UK manufactured.

Please enquire about this product using the contact form underneath.

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