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Pallet Wrap / Stretch Films


Pallet Wrap / Stretch Film

This is one of the most important polythene products when it comes to the distribution of your products.

When sending out your products either in boxes on pallets or direct on the pallet you want to unsure they get the destination safe and in the same condition they left the factory in.

The last thing you want to happen is the boxes come loose in transits and slip all over the back of the van, by using wrap you are ensuring they arrive in a good tidy condition on the pallet.

Pallet wrap is designed to wrap round the pallet and stabilizing the goods, this can either be done by hand or with a pallet wrap machine.

Our pallet wrap / stretch films comes in a variety of sizes, thickness and roll lengths.

Safechoice Packaging like to give our customers options.  We offer a wide selection of differently sized rolls, which we hope will suit the needs of your business.

You can choose between clear, blue, or black. If you don’t want anyone to see what you are sending, you can use that black wrap which will completely conceal the goods – no one will know what is actually on the pallet.

We would recommend using this product if you are sending valuable goods, or for which shipping discretion makes a difference in the eyes of the end user.

Sizes Examples

  • 400mm x 250m x 17mu
  • 400mm x the width of the roll
  • 250m x length of Stretch Film
  • 17mu x thickness of the film

If you have a heavy load of goods, we recommend the 34mu, which will give your goods the best load retention. If you’re unsure about the thickness of film you need, here is our guide of recommendations for best shipping practices:

  • 17mu / Light Wrap
  • 20mu / Medium Wrap
  • 23mu / Heavy Wrap
  • 34mu / Extra Heavy Wrap

When choosing Hand Stretch Film, then consider if you want Flush Core or Extended Core. This is purely a personal preference and the prices for the two types of film are the same.


What is the difference between cast and blown film?

Cast Film

Cast stretch films are typically more common in the market and have the following qualities:

  • Good level of transparency allowing labels or barcodes to be easily read.
  • The manufacturing nature of cast film makes it very consistent, throughout the roll, in terms of both cling and material thickness.
  • When unwinding cast stretch wrap off the roll it has a low noise output making it ideal in reducing noise levels in busy working spaces.
  • Compared with cheaper, lower quality films on the market our cast film has high resistance to tearing.

Blown Film

Blown stretch wrap has distinct qualities making it suitable for specific applications and environments.

Key features and benefits include:

  • The film is very tacky so is suited to very cold working environments
  • The tacky nature of the film also means it will stick in very dusty working areas.
  • Strong resistance to puncturing.
  • Applies a high force onto a pallet, when wrapped around it. This helps improve load stability

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