Not Your Average Day…….

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Holly working hard

Not your average Day…

Not your average day.

Holly Enjoying the Sun

Holly Loving life in the park

Nor your average day.  Did you know we provide packaging, design and dog rescues? Hey it’s all part of the Safe Choice service… ok we’ll elaborate on that last one.  A recent Facebook plight sent our Director Iain on a quest to find a lost local Beagle called Olly and it paid off with a heroic countryside rescue.

Our managing Director Iain took the morning off after hearing about Olly who was lost in the Clifton area following a car accident, and after only a couple of hours, he tracked down Olly with the help of his own beagle accomplice Holly and a bag of biscuits.

You may in fact have spotted Iain, Holly and Olly in all the local papers, and even on the radio (Dogs won’t bark on demand- who knew!)

So, get that kettle brewing and check out the story for yourselves:

Good work boss (and Holly!)

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