Moving House – Part 4

Moving House – Part 3
June 28, 2019
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April 19, 2020
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You've got the Keys!

Moving House Part 4

You’ve got the keys!

Congratulations! You’ve arrived at your brand new property.  And the Final blog House Moving Part 4, keys in hand and you’re now faced with the almighty task of turning these mountains of boxes into a Home Sweet Home… No fear! We’re here to help you with those initial few hours:


  • Firstly, locate the kettle and get it on the boil- you’re all going to need a brew and a plan
  • Unpack the survival kit. That box of essentials you packed last onto the van should be the first thing off. This should include a change of clothes, phone charger, toiletries and cleaning products.
  • We’re pretty sure you’re already dreaming of a good night’s sleep in your new digs so make those beds a priority to avoid a 2am argument of ‘where’s the flippin’ alan key?’
  • Make sure the boiler, hot water and any other utilities are switched back on once you arrive. That way, if there’s any issues then you’ve got time to get it sorted.
  • A CRUCIAL point here guys- take your meter readings immediately and give your suppliers a quick call. Your accounts will be all set up and good to go without any overlap confusion
  • A tip for the first week is to get the locksmith out, fresh locks means added security for you and your famil
  • Move all labelled boxes into their assigned rooms, if you’ve lost something then this will make things way easier for you to find them.
    If you’ve brought along the family cat and/or dog then make sure these are kept inside long enough to get used to their new surroundings before they head off to explore the new neighbourhood

Hope you have enjoyed our House Moving tips, 1,2,3 and 4.

Finally, get that takeaway ordered and crack open the prosecco- you did it, you’re in! Cheers to your new home!


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